This is a website of  Savaric Whiting Ltd

In the past, we have supplied consulting services to individuals, companies, charities and not-for-profit companies - helping them define and achieve their objectives - and flourish in a sustainable fashion.

Much of this work has been done in Glastonbury UK.  In this town, we have worked with individuals, who are initiating new projects, and working with the guidance of higher levels of consciousness. Through this work, we have learned how to access this Wisdom, and to use this information in our work.

There is a specialised technique that is necessary to access this Wisdom.  But, once accessed, this Wisdom can usefully be used in every aspect of life, both personal and in the working world

In working with this concept of accessing the Wisdom, it is also necessary to work fluently in the conventional material world.  These two aspects need to be in balance and harmony for the positive aspects of the Wisdom to be fully used.

We are now limiting our consulting work and are concentrating on developing and refining our understanding of the process of working with higher levels of consciousness.

A simplified summary of the levels of consciousness is as follows:

Level One - the everyday material life, where there is little understanding of higher levels of consciousness.

Level Two - the start of understanding the Wisdom – working with the many available websites, books, courses and workshops.

Level Three - the first stage of higher levels of consciousness. Usually only reached after working for some time on Level Two.

                            The purpose of this website is twofold

Level Two - To use this web site, and its sister sites,  to:

  • Give an introduction to Level Two,
  • Outline various aspects of working with, and understanding the Wisdom
  • Information on some  of the many sources of support available
  • To encourage those who have not yet started on this path, to explore it furthe
  • To provide some useful ideas for progress at this level

Level Three - To contact people, working with Level Three - to share ideas on how we might improve our usefulness in this field.

                              An outline of the contents of this site is as follows:

About - about us  - how to contact us

Information - Some useful initial contacts

Plan - a list of our various websites - and a summary of the specific purpose

Wisdom - Outlining the concept of the Ageless Wisdom, the Perennial Philosophy, Spirituality - whatever you like to call it - and looking at the potential for actively finding answers to specific problems in these high levels of consciousness

Access - An outline of the technique necessary to access this Wisdom.

Living - Using access to the Wisdom in one's personal life

Enabling - Using the Wisdom in fields of service

Glastonbury -– a place with a unique history of myth, legend and spiritual energy - offers a wide selection of services to individuals.

If you would like further information,  please contact us at :