Accessing the Wisdom

In our page on the Wisdom, we looked at the concepts of this world of higher consciousness.

We now look at how we access the Wisdom that is to be foundavailable at these higher levels  

This is essentially an outline-  

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We start by outlining the precepts of the Wisdom

The ‘All’- There is one unified universe including everything that is spiritual and everything that is material. It is partly understandable through the material forms in which it appears.

All is Consciousness-The Mind of the All is in every aspect of the material universe and a form of consciousness is found everywhere. 

Planes of Being-The word Planes is used to describe different frequencies of spiritual energy.  The words ‘above’ and ‘below' are often used and imply the physical separation of items that in reality occupy the same space but at different energy levels. The spiritual world could be thought of as a different universe interpenetrating the physical world. 

Higher Mind– the part of the soul in touch with pure spirit. This Higher Mind can be contacted through meditation and intuition - but is not accessible through everyday intellectual thought

Contact with the Wisdom - By developing certain practices, including meditation, it is possible to access beings at higher levels of consciousness – this in turn enables access to the sea of cosmic Wisdom.

Hierarchies of Beings- A gulf exists between the consciousness of the Divine All and the awareness of a human being. By necessity, a gradation of consciousness is needed between the one indescribable Divine and the ordinary human. This infinite ladder of consciousness – of different awareness and complexity - is occupied by intelligent entities from the most mundane to the most supreme. Certain advanced souls have developed to the point where they are able to act as intermediaries between the Divine All and individual incarnate souls. This range of beings at different stages of consciousness enables the incarnate human to find a guide at the level of awareness to which he can

The above gives an outline of what we are setting out to achieve -

the stages for accessing the wisdom can be summarised as: 

 Accepting that there is a Wisdom available at higher levels of consciousness And that these levels are not accessible by the conventional intellbut only by adopting   particular spiritual practic

Develop a spiritual practice such as meditation

Develop one's ability for guided visualis

Build a practice and method of rising to higher levels of consciousness and making oneself available to the beings that present at this level

Ask for help and listen to the response

Understand who is responding, and how to meet them

Develop this practice until reasonably fluent

Record the information that comes through in writing

Act on the intuitive ideas that are received

The above is easily said ! -  but it takes considerable practice to become fluent

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