Our plan for this website, and its associates, is to  -

Firstly - to introduce people to the concept of regions of higher consciousness - then to give some useful ideas on progressing with this concept - hopefully leading, eventually, to the ability to work fluently with this higher consciousness.

Secondly -  to share these ideas with others, who are already working actively with these higher levels, to see whether, together, we might produce some ideas on furthering awareness of the usefulness of our concept.

We are working with the perennial philosophy, the ageless wisdom, the underlying truth that lies behind all beliefs and faiths. It has never changed,  but is conveyed in a multitude of ways, each appropriate to the time and place when it was promulgated

There is an extraordinary variety of different views on the world of spirituality, and this can easily lead to confusion !

In everything we do,  we try to hold to a simple code:

  • Simplicity of concept
  • Complexity of exposition
  • Tenacity of purpose

With this in mind, we have set up our group of websites as follows:

PORTAL SITE – outlines what we are setting out to achieve and is the Portal site to our sites


These give more detail on the subjects that we outline in our site - information about us. - Information on the Ageless Wisdom and Perennial Philosophy. - suggestions for contacting higher levels of consciousness  - Using the Wisdom in one's personal life - Using the Wisdom in fields of service - information on this town in the UK